“Mimicking nature”, the starting point in the history of Langplaas Organics

Langplaas Organics was born out of an intense passion to build a legacy of growing healthy mineral dense produce (on small and commercial scale) in every sector of agriculture without the use of chemical pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers. History, backed by cutting edge research has shown that it is attainable ONLY when principles are followed found in natural ecosystems.

At Langplaas Organics we have proved on a commercial scale that it is not only possible to reach such a goal, but that this way of farming is also more profitable and enjoyable for everyone involved in this worthy endeavor. Seeing rampant levels of malnutrition and epidemic numbers of people getting cancer, autism, etc., we are heartbroken but at the same time motivated and called to fight this battle together with farmers to bring a change in the direction of agriculture for the good of all!

With the rising problem of “Global Warming” and the changes in weather patterns as a result, we are convinced that farmers are the only people able to bring down carbon levels in the atmosphere by managing their operations with principles found in nature, which results in the sequestration of carbon in the soil.

Continual use of chemical fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides together with over tilling of soils causes degradation of soil life, fertility and structure, increasing the need for more of these chemical products and making it thereby impossible to produce healthy food. Our aim at Langplaas Organics is to put this to an end by providing growers with natural and affordable alternatives, enabling them to sustainably and profitably produce healthy, flavorful and mineral dense food for everyone to enjoy.

We believe that healthy food is a human right, and that farmers miss their calling as soon as what they grow have negative health implications to those who buy it.

Please join us and support our endeavor for the good of our nation and our globe by growing natural and asking for natural grown produce when shopping!