Langplaas Organics’ MAX Unique Humate 100 Liquid is a compound organic fertilizer. It is a hugely active, growth- promoting agent, which has obvious effects for improving the vertical and vegetative growth of plants while protecting its flowers and fruits.



Langplaas Organics’ MAX Unique Humate 100 has an incredible high solubility of more than 98% with a humic acid content of 85% and 7.5 – 16 % fulvic acid which makes this a superior humate available on the market.

The low molecular weight of our MAX Unique Humate 100 enables the carrying of the carboxyl functional group of higher activity. This strengthens the chelation of micro and macro nutrients which makes it easier and more efficient for plants to absorb.

Humates play a vital role in the health of soil microbes, without which sustainable and profitable farming is impossible. It can be used in almost any agricultural practice and because of its extremely high solubility it works very well in dripper & micro irrigation systems.

Containing high levels of fulvic and humic acid, MAX Unique Humate 100 is the
premium soil conditioner on the market.

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25L, 1000L


• Improves a plants resistance ability, stimulates growth and increases photosynthesis
• Strengthens crop roots and improves the utilization fertilizer and soil minerals
• Help plants to handle stress better in harsh conditions, and reduces transpiration.
• Drastically increases the efficiency of fertilizers and foliar feeds.
• Results in mineral dens crops of outstanding quality


• Fertigation 5-10% of fertilizer
• Alone 5-25kg/ha
• Foliar 1-3kg /ha